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Truck of Logs

Load Security

Learn the skills needed for

Commercial Motor Vehicles on Ontario Highways

Hands On Steering Wheel

Digital and Printable Certificate

Digital and Printable Certificate
Upon completion you will receive a Digital and Printable Certificate of Completion. You can use that at traffic stop and job interviews or to advance within your company.

Unlimited exam attempts

Not successful the first time, no worries, review the course material to better understand the subject matter and book a new knowledge test at no extra charge.

Phone & Email Support

Have questions while completing the course? Book a phone call or email a Safety and Compliance Consultant to answer your questions  on the course material that you are learning.


Be a safe and compliant driver

Full access to our online, self-paced Ontario Load Security Course. You will have 24/7 access to our course and will learn the Load Security sections of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and its Regulations along with NSC Standard 10, CVSA Out of Service Criteria and specific requirtements for type of cargo transported. Upomn compltion you will take the final knowledge test and be issued a Certificate of Completion, a QR code to an online record of training and a digital/printable training card.

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Start today, mobile friendly learning

Start now or contact us if you have any questions or for our discounted procing for groups of five or more 

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